The Xiamen HaoLi (LiXiN) electronic technology Limited company is one devotes to the research and development, the manufacture fuse special purpose equipment's factory. The company has the engineers and technicians who more than one batch of years are engaged in the electronic special purpose equipment development, has each kind of complete high accuracy machining equipment. Since was established, is the numerous fuse enterprises has made massively advanced, highly the automated fuse special-purpose production, the test facility. For electronic profession production, test automation development important advancement function.

    present, the company produces the most competitive fuse special purpose equipment primarily, take develops makes the other each kind of electronic primary device special purpose equipment as auxiliary, provides the most advanced reliable equipment for the general electronic primary device production manufacturer. The company has devoted to the product improvement and the technical innovation, introduces domestic and foreign advanced technologies and so on manufactured products, instruments and meters, industrial automation, improves the perfect product unceasingly. Obtained many domestic and foreign large-scale well-known fuse production manufacturer praise and the faith.


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